About Tweed Theatre Company Inc.

Tweed Theatre Company

2019/2020 Executive Committee Members

President: Doug Williams

Vice President: Peter Gray

Secretary:  Ralph Naudi

Treasurer: Rod Drummond

Committee Members: Natalie Trengove, John Fogerty, Gary Johns, Julie Burnett, Cherie Goosey, Anne Westmorland, Alison Parr, Jean Watson and Lyn Yuile.

Patrons: Cathy Jamieson and Steve Wall

Life Membership awarded to Coral Kelly, Greg Kelly and Raelene Richards for their uninterrupted service to Tweed Theatre Co. from 1999 – 2017.

Chronology of Tweed Theatre Company Inc.

Coral Kelly
 Founding President 

First General Meeting – August 31, 1999


President: Coral Kelly

Vice President: Myrna Hughes

Secretary: Cathy Whitaker

Treasurer: Donald Hughes

Promotions: Gillian Olson

Advertising: Reginald St. Leon

Public Officer: Judy Heyward

Committee: Kay Graham, June Jones, Laurie O’Toole, Rosemary Shneider, Gloria Dack, Andrew Davies, Geoff Bown.

August 31, 1999
First General Meeting
Election of Foundation Office Bearers
President: Coral Kelly