About Tweed Theatre Company Inc.

Tweed Theatre Company

2023/24 Executive Committee Members

President: Gary Johns

Vice President: Anne Westmorland

Secretary: Ralph Naudi

Treasurer: Rod Drummond

Public Officer: Natalie Trengove

Committee Members: Doug Williams, John Fogerty, Brenda Filomeno, Jasper Lee and Melisa-Jane Cornish.

Patrons:  Sue -Ellen McCubben and Julie Burnett

Life Membership awarded to Coral Kelly, Greg Kelly and Raelene Richards for their uninterrupted services bestowed in 2017 and Rod Drummond and Peter Gray bestowed in 2021, Natalie Trengove bestowed in 2022 and John Fogerty bestowed in 2023.

Chronology of Tweed Theatre Company Inc.

Coral Kelly
 Founding President 

First General Meeting – August 31, 1999


President: Coral Kelly

Vice President: Myrna Hughes

Secretary: Cathy Whitaker

Treasurer: Donald Hughes

Promotions: Gillian Olson

Advertising: Reginald St. Leon

Public Officer: Judy Heyward

Committee: Kay Graham, June Jones, Laurie O’Toole, Rosemary Shneider, Gloria Dack, Andrew Davies, Geoff Bown.

August 31, 1999
First General Meeting
Election of Foundation Office Bearers
President: Coral Kelly